History: Claireborne was the scourge of the Trade sea it had high taxation of the trade routes and those that chose not to use their routes were preyed upon by their pirates. Claireborne was rich with plunder and tax but hated by all. Folgren the Pirate Lord is attributed with the downfall of Claireborne. It is said that he sacked the First temple of the All Father and stole a holy relic, The shroud of the all fathers wife Lucidia this shroud is said to have the ability to control the weather and would have supposedly allowed Claireborne’s ships free reign of the seas. This angered the All Father he was already sick of Claireborne’s oppression of his followers and the sacking of his main temple was too much. He decided to punish the island by destroying it. As he sunk the island a relatively unknown sorcerer Gunderson cast a series of spells that created a dome of force protecting the island, He then created Gunderson’s eye the sphere that hangs above his tower acting as both sun and moon, he then reversed the flow of the mighty Claireborne River creating the vortex. After he raised the floating island. He created his tower isle and the Vatnia School of Magic. From this seat of power he established the Ezumerra and declared himself king under the waves. Gunderson ruled for hundreds of years his magic fueling his long life. He has now been dead for over a thousand years and his spells have started to wane the people now live in fear that the magics that protects them and make their lives possible might become unraveled at any moment.

Government: Ezumerra a conclaive of Magi led by the Mage King Ibxon


Riverfall Harbor


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