It's More Than Just a House

Journey to Olaf's Manor (April 23, 2016)

Our heroes have been sleeping in Brittlework (on the world of Grendel) at the in when a large crash is heard around 1AM. The commotion is coming from outside and when everyone looks out the window they see the townspeople in the streets with torches, forks, butcher knives, pitchforks and the like heading off in the same direction. They all get dressed and when they get to the crowd they get the sense as the people leave the city they are happy to be heading to the beach. An old mother says we may have had a “breaching”. When the group looks up into the sky, it looks like a meteor has hit the ground as dust and dirt blanket the heavens.

Upon arriving on the beach, a large furry sperm whale with tusks is on the beach, partially buried in the sand from its impact with the ground. A middle aged man mentions this happened about four years ago. The townsfolk look to be setting up a platform to celebrate their good fortune. Karma offers to help acquire the bones, Sparky helps with the butchering and Arthos and Adruxor aka “Silky” help assist with the merriment.

During the party, Rain asks about Olaf’s manor to the doctor. He indicates we should talk to the major about the this and not much later Arthos has broched him on the subject. It seems Olaf owes taxes to the town and the major would like us to collect or if he is not there to clear the house of possible wards/monsters. The major mentions a young lad tried to get to the house awhile ago but was chased off by animated topiaries. After talking with the young man named Kinus, the heroes leave to prep for their journey to Olaf’s house.

Being mindful of deckapusses, leaprays, etc, the four adventurers head off to Olaf’s manor. At the golden gates to the property, the party finds them locked but Arthos is able to use a chant to open them. The toparies are noticeable immediately and they reshape themselves to keep the party in their site. A fountain is in the center of the topiaries and stables are off to the left of the manor. Near the fountain are benches and a some statues as well. Adruxor finds four keys near the fountain with each member of the party taking one. Oddly enough the keys don’t work on the front door but Sparky is able to pick the lock.

Rich red carpets, chandileres, wood floors and other ornate decorations are immediately noticeable along with how clean everything looks. The group takes a set of double doors to the west finding a reception hall with statues, a grandfather clock, a stain glass picture with a wizard duel and another set of double doors at the other end of the room. The party heads to the other doors and notices one of the wizards in the painting shoot a fireball at them. Everyone ducks. The other wizard shoots an ice storm and the party dodges that while running to the other set of doors.

This room is bare except for an ornate, golden mirror with a pedestal nearby. The room is lit with no direct light source seen. Arthos tries to summon a dog but finds the room prevents summoning and transportation. Adruxor touches and moves it but nothing happens with either action. He next tries to move the mirror out of the room but it won’t go. Adruxor pushes the mirror to the south wall and a portal opens. A dressing room with red curtains is seen. When the mirror is placed on the west wall, a room with four chairs and a table set for tea is visible. The north wall and mirror show a dressing room with clothes, jewelry boxes etc.. The mirror and floor together show a stairway going up (think the end of “Labryth”). The ceiling and the mirror show a closet full of gold. The mirror is placed back in its original position and the party leaves the room.

They go back the way they came and find the kitchen. The kitchen has pots cooking in it. Rain looks in one and suddenly the oven opens up trying to suck him in. The oven declares: “FRESH MEAT!!!”. The stove says, “Light the fires!!” The party acts quickly to dispose of the deadly kitchen items saving Rain. The root cellar is discovered next. Sparky falls over after a shriek as if dead. When checked she’s stable but not moving. A two inch figure comes over and shrieks again causing Adruxor and Karma to fall like Sparky. Arthos thinks quickly and sings to the creature fascinating it. Arthos makes a deal with the creature that ultimately frees all his friends by giving it a pony to eat (via summoning). The creature introduces himself as Mr. Haster Masters. Arthos explains the deal to us: the creature gets an animal from us every so often.

The entire group goes back to the mirror room getting access to the dressing closet. A tin man steps out and shows Adruxor clothes while giving him lensed glasses that can sense hit points. Karma is dressed in bright orange robes and given a Amulet of Natural Armor +1. Sparky and Arthos are also grabbed and dressed as Olaf: Long, grey curly hair, bushy eye brows and fu’manchu mustache. Karma immediately spazzes out about her looks.

The mirror is moved to the west wall where a robotic woman gives us tea and cake at the table. Karma’s mustache falls off after eating. The floor portal is taken next. The group come into contact with a twelve foot marble statue of a man with a small penis flexing his muscles. Sparky laughs at the small penis (failing a will save) causing the statue to come to life and attack her. Over a number of rounds the statue is reduced to a pile of pebbles by the group.

A picture on the east wall named Manurva shows a woman pounding on the painting from the inside like its glass. Adruxor smashes it freeing her. Manurva turns into a frog with nasty teeth. Adruxor places her under his spell forcing her to break anther painting frame with sheep in it. Sheep immediately stream out cluttering the room killing Manurva. It’s now SHEEPAGEDDON!! The sheep eventually stop streaming and eventually.

A third painting is found with a man in chains like in “Hellraiser”. They leave that painting alone. They leave the room from a south door finding an empty room with wooden floors and walls containing a circle of dried blood and runes. The circle is fading. The room is DEFINITELY left alone. The next main room found is the master bedroom.where the party does battle with a bodak. Adruxor after some time kills it by opening a window and frying it with sunlight. As the party loots the room a dog with a collar of the name “Reggie” approaches them. He seems friendly. Sparky takes to him immediately. The party camps for the night with nothing happening.

The next day we to back to the tea room; it takes two attempts but Karma is finally able to look like her self again. At this point a plan is hatched. Adruxor will look like Olaf and they’ll return to Mayor Braum to say he’s alive and will pay what taxes are owed. The group will keep the house to themselves. FREE HOUSE BABY!!!!! The taxes are payed once they are mentioned 42 GP, 3 chickens and 5 cows. While the three members are paying the major, Adruxor looking like Olaf, sees two translucent beings come out of a shed and reset all the traps. They turn out to be the cleaning crew. The other three party members return and Adruxor explains about the traps resetting. They all agree that they can still keep the house as long as one of them looks like Olaf.



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